Second hand bikes

Why a used bike?

We probably have the best selection of used bikes in Edinburgh. No Joke! Mainly because all of our Retail Bikes are purchase or donated, we see a wide variety of bicycles that spans decades. From vintage to almost new, our selection varies every week. Even if you’re not looking for a bike, it’s really cool to check out what our mechanics got rolling again. In addition to getting an awesome “new” 2º hand bike to ride, our bikes come with some great incentives:

  • All our bikes are tuned up and ready to roll.
  • All bikes come with a 15-day warranty.
  • Buying an used bike is more sustainable.
  • You get a discount on your maintenance services.
  • You get more bang for your buck buying used!
  • You look cool riding a bike with a bit of history.

Call us or pop in, we are delighted to spend the time to get you the bike you’ve always wanted!


Check out our selection of second hand adult bikes.


Check out our selection of second hand kids bikes.

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