our services

We offer great value and great quality repairs. Best value in town? Probably!
If it’s a minor thing we will only charge a nominal amount to cover our time.
We do a quick FREE safety check on any bike you bring in.



Basic Service
“Light & Fruity”

-Brakes checked & adjusted-

-Gears checked & tuned-

-Tyres inspection & pressure set to the correct level-

-Drivetrain checked & lubed-

-Bolts/nuts safety check & torqued if needed-

-Comprehensive inspection of all other parts & comments noted as appropriate-


Medium Service
“A very good intermediate one”

All the £40 service PLUS…

-Headset adjusted-

-Hubs adjusted-

-Mech hanger alignment-

-Bottom bracket adjusted (if possible)-

-Wheels checked and trued to get rid of buckling-

-Light bike cleaning-



Full Service
“The monty”

All the intermediate service PLUS…

-Headset stripped & greased-

-Bottom bracket stripped & greased-

-Hubs stripped & greased-

-Pedals removed & greased-

-Seatpost removed & greased-

-Careful bike cleaning-

-Ultrasonic drivetrain cleaning-

Special services

more than just your bike shop!

Our workshop is always open to new projects and challenges and thus we offer special services, such as: Restorations, 3d printing, seized seatposts removals, and so on.








special works

Note: Prices listed are for labour only and do not include the cost of parts. These prices are subject to change under some conditions, such as: Unusual brake/drivetrain systems, etc.

Please note that there may be an extra charge for any customer-supplied parts purchased outwith Pedal Forth.

If you leave your bicycle with us and don’t collect it within 3 months of the “booking in date”, we reserve the right to dispose of your bicycle. We may sell your bicycle to recoup any costs incurred. We will endeavour to contact you at least 3 times. Please make sure we have your correct contact details.